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We offer a full range of customs consultancy services, including advice on regulatory requirements and risk management.

We work with you to provide a tailor-made, bespoke service that fully meets your needs.

Managing your international supply chain can be tough. Managing multiple different licenses and taxes can feel impossible.

What if you could take the headaches out of managing your supply chain?

With our consultation, we take the responsibility off your shoulders by managing your supply chain from start to finish.

Streamline your operations – grow your business – stay compliant
Effective Customs Clearance Service UK


Get access to a team of experts who will share their expertise with you on compliance issues, resource allocation and overall efficiency.

Efficient Customs Clearance Service UK


Our experts will review your supply chain process and provide recommendations on your supply chain strategy so it all comes together seamlessly.

Compliant Customs Clearance Service UK


Make sure your supply chain is always up to date regarding regulatory compliance with Revenue in Ireland or HMRC in the UK in order to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Save time. Save Costs. Stay competitive!

Our Consultancy Services

1. Supply Chain Consulting & Outsourcing Customs:

Customs can be a complicated process with additional investment needed in terms of training and software. Consider outsourcing your customs and from A-Z, we’ll take care of all the documentation, clearance, logistics, accounting, and everything else for a smooth import/export experience.

Supply Chain Consulting & Outsourcing Customs UK
VAT Consultancy UK

2. VAT Consultancy:

VAT management is a challenge for most exporters and importers. We can help you understand your obligations under EU law, provide advice on how to comply with them and ensure that you are in a position to manage your VAT effectively. We will advise you on the optimal VAT registration for your business in the UK. You won’t have to worry about a thing as we can cover everything from VAT rates to VAT registration.

3. Customs Health Check:

Are you aware of all your customs blind spots? Do you have total control over your processes? Can you prevent small issues from becoming huge problems? We provide a realistic assessment of your risk. Our experts will compile a report which will set out all potential risks from a customs perspective and how they could impact your supply chain activity and profitability. You will know exactly where to focus to ensure compliance. Let us take care of your customs processes for you! We’ll locate your blind spots, ensure you stay compliant with the laws, and give you peace of mind knowing that everything from your safety stock checks to customs declarations will be well taken care of.

Customs Health Check UK
Customs Audit Advice UK

4. Customs Audit Advice:

Whether you need solutions following a customs audit or you need to prepare for one, we can help. If you have been notified of an audit, we can guide you through the process so you know what to expect. Our experts will verify the accuracy of your company’s tariff classification, valuation, and risk management processes, as well as controls over imports and exports. We will also provide advice on improving your systems and processes to be more efficient and effective in managing international trade.

5. Duty Assessment & Commodity Code Classification:

Concerned about commodity code classification? Classification is designed to help categorise different types of imports so they are subject to the correct level of customs duty. But classification is also used to apply other measures like non-tariff measures, which may be a big concern for your supply chain. We will help you ensure an unaffected supply chain and continued compliance in the shortest possible time – with the least possible effort. We our help, you gain control over how you are affected, and establish correct codes, mitigating fines and penalty risks from invalid codes which render you non-compliant.

Duty Assessment & Commodity Code Classification UK
Origin Support Service UK

6. Origin Support:

Whether you’re shipping internationally or not, what you may not realise is that there are multiple types of certificates necessary for each different type of good that must be provided to the Customs Authority before your shipment goes through. There are Supplier Statements as well as EUR 1 form requirements. We can help you with everything regarding this process and with any questions you may have.

7. Duty Recovery:

Do you know how much money you’ve lost overpaying on your duties over the past years? Exactly how much are you losing over time to duty errors or mistakes in calculations? Many companies pay huge amounts in duty each year and are potentially overpaying for their imports or exports – we can support and help you recover your money. We operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement, so you don’t have to worry about paying for no return.

Duty Recovery Service UK
REX Registration Service UK

8. REX Registration:

Registered Exporter System is an EU system which allows self-certification of origin and can be beneficial for importers into the EU to reduce duty. Applying for REX registration can be complicated, costly and, most importantly, difficult to get approval for on the first application. Having REX registration could save you a lot of money too. But the real risk is failing at first application and having to reapply, which will cost more in both time and money. We can help simplify your process by providing you with expert advice on how to get approved the first time round.

9. ATA Carnet & Temporary Import Support:

We offer consultation on ATA Carnet & temporary import process, including consulting on customs duty deferment programs and post-import compliance challenges, which would otherwise remain unaddressed. Everything is easier with Easy Customs.

ATA Carnet & Temporary Import Support UK
Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) support UK

10. Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) support:

As import regulations have become more stringent, international trade has become increasingly complicated. We help you handle it all. Whether you need certificates for food safety or animal safety requirements, our experts are here to make sure you’re protected so you never have problems importing or exporting products ever again. We support you throughout the process to ensure your products comply with all EU and UK import requirements. This means that you never have any unexpected surprises at clearance. Ensure your company remains compliant and confident with regulatory bodies at all times with the help of Easy Customs.

Commodity Classification UK

Commodity Classification

Our consultants can assist in classifying goods correctly, as well as identifying what measures and tariffs apply.

Rules of Origin UK

Rules of Origin

For queries related to rules of origin, we can assist and help you stay compliant.

HMRC/Revenue Audits UK

HMRC/Revenue Audits

We’ll carry out all compliance check processes to ensure you’re on track with HMRC or Revenue.

Tax Consultancy UK

Tax Consultancy

We ensure you are paying the right amount of tax on time, so you avoid any potential penalties.

Customs Training UK

Customs Training

It’s not just about paperwork! Make every employee an expert on Irish Customs requirements - we can provide training programmes for your staff as part of our service offerings.

Trader Support Service UK

Trader Support Service

We help you register for the Trader Support Service so that your business is ready to submit any declarations and can adapt fast to any changes.

Binding Tariff Information UK

Binding Tariff Information

Our Binding Tariff Information service is not just about reducing import costs, it's also about peace of mind.


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